Burning Light

Slither, Slither.

Before resting the night, Wulf finds a pair of golden lions, after attuning himself to them he learns that he can summon forth the beasts as servants to him. He decides to name them Virgil and Dante. Later still during the rest, a dwarf comes tumbling through the fey crack. Disgruntled, disoriented and disheveled the dwarf claims that he was some where deep below the earth when he was pushed through by the darkfolk, or as he calls them svirfneblin. Trusting him the group allows him to join them.

After their rest, the group heads further still into the dungeon but are stopped short when they are sprayed with mushroom spores. Most of the party is fine but some are affected by the spores. Not letting a little bit of spores stop them the group decides to cross the biggest pool of water they have seen yet. As they cross, they are attacked by the dreaded otyugh. However, despite the fearsome nature of the beast, Panic and Mei do big damage to it, making it easy to kill.

Finally the group finds a path that leads downstairs and they instantly take the path leading to the carrion crawlers. However, the group spots them and decides to head back the other way with out a fight. As they do they come across three guards standing around. Sneaking up on these people the group mercilessly slaughters them before they get a chance to even know what happened to them. Then they loot them of their gear and strip them down bare.

Next the group runs into two large crocodiles that are hungry. Using the previously killed guards as a decoy the group almost gets past without a fight until Wulf accidentally face plants into the water causing the big creature to lash out violently. In the ensuing fight the crocodile almost gulps down Ari before Panic uses his spear to finish the creature. After bandaging their wound the group presses on.

Next up they meet a hulking figure in the sewer who seems to be under compulsion of some sort. However, the group doesn’t detect and magic on him. The dwarf is able to successfully cast hold person of the individual and the group pounds on the man. Tying him up and removing him as a threat. As they press on to the next room they are beset by a legion of rats, but once more a well placed fire ball ends the threat. At this point the group decides to take a short rest to recover a bit.



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