Burning Light

Into the Sewers

The group enters into the filthy sewers in order to claim their prize. They learn however that the sewers are built like a maze that turns back in on itself repeatedly. As they make their way in one direction they are accosted by swarms of rats that seem strangely brave and violent in nature. As the group dispatches the menaces they come across a four way intersection, with a strange creature guarding it. Killian immediately recognizes it as a demon and the party decides to run away from the beast instead of risking a fight.

Choosing the other path, the group comes to a door leading down. However, in their haste to check the room they failed to note a rune of protection on the bridge leading to the door and the group gets caught in the explosion. When they finally make their way through the door they are then ambushed by a group of brigands that live in the sewers. After a lively fight the party manages to subdue the thugs and claim their gear and loot as their own.

After that the party finds itself face to face with a pool full of treasure and though Wulf and Ari believe that the good located here are for real they still don’t risk a dip in the water. Heading further into the sewers the group runs into the first set of the darkfolk and fight them in a ring of fire. Though weak in nature these creatures prove to be crafty an menacing, but the party finally puts them down.

After getting a little turned around and some of the group taking a sludge bath, they finally come to the resting place of the darkfolk. This results in a fever pitch battle between the nuisances and their spidery friends against the party. After Killian uses his fireball skills to quell much the darkfolk numbers the group is finally able to win the day. Injured, sore and smelling bad, the group decides to rest.



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