Burning Light


Panic is forced to wear the cone of shame for his betrayal. Feeling left out and overlooked, Mei decides to leave the group. Wulf has lost some of his memories but doesn’t seem overly concerned yet about them. Gar the dwarven cleric finds himself the local Pelor temple and bunkers down with them. Meanwhile, Ari has contracted lycanthrope and every full moon turns into a murderous were-rat. Things seem ill-fortuned for the group as of late.

A new guest arrives at the Baron’s manor, her name is Sybil and as it turns out she has a rather extensive family curse that she is trying to be rid of. The Baron agrees to hire such a lovely woman such as herself and wastes no time in telling her about the group. Meanwhile back at Afthorse, a strange young woman enters the establishment. She calls herself Lilium and she hands Wulf a letter introducing herself as their new employee. As it turns out she was the girl that was suffering mental trauma, now with the mindflayer dead she has broken whatever hold it had on her. Her brother, has gone back to work to earn up money and reestablish the family’s wealth. He felt that that it was important to leave her in the care of those that could protect her.

As the months go buy, Wulf begins to suspect that Lillium possess powers of the mind. As more and more events unfold, she seems to gain a little more understanding of her abilities. Cybil bored with having nothing to do, asks the Baron to find her a job. He gladly does so getting her hired as a card dealer in a casino. It’s there that she first hears of the “Masks” and tells the rest of the group about it. Though interested the group, doesn’t dig much deeper than that.

As the city continues on as it always does a group of Masked figures watch from the rooftops.



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