Budding Psychic Savant


Lilium was born in Sarthel, to a family of adventurers. Her parents died tragically when she was but four. After that her brother took care of raising her in between adventuring missions. When she was nine she found herself in the sewers after being pushed down a hole by someone. For two days she struggled down there, until she started to hear the slithering noises… the horrible slithering noises.

When her brother found her, she was broken and mentally unstable, at times she would stare off into space as if seeing something and at others she became manic, screaming about the noises that she heard.

When the group first met her she was in this state but after defeating the illithid in the sewers the group found Lilium on their doorsteps a mere month later. Her brother had rightly assumed that his sisters return from madness was a result of their heroics. He decided that in order to earn money, that he would return to adventuring and asked the group to take care of his sister during the meantime. The group cheerily agreed to the task.

During her time working at Afthorse, some noticed that she had a strange power to her. It seemed that Lilium could read minds and influence people subtly. Of course she never seemed to note the use of these powers herself. As she continued to hang around the group her powers seemed to become stronger.

When the Worst Week ever happened Lilium found herself in danger twice, the first was when Turooq used his minions to level city blocks and the other time was when Turooq kidnapped her to use her as bait. After the encounters Lilium began to think about how to protect her friends.

Jack and Kegan both suggested that they take the young Lilium, claiming a sibling bond, as they too were awakened by the same illithid so many years ago. Furthermore, Jack and Kegan both claimed that they could teach the young Lilium to harness her powers. Seeing them as the best option to learn more about herself Lillium agreed to join them, causing her to depart for her friends.

Lilium is fifteen in age but roughly nine in mentality. However, the longer she is away from the effects of the illithid the more her mental age starts to match her physical. She has a shy personality but she is also smart and warm at the same time. Meaning she is never the first to approach some one and make friends but is willing to if the other person puts the effort into it first.


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