Burning Light

Old Friends, New Business

For the next month the group spends all it’s time working on independent dealings. Panic and Wulf, get funded for their shop and open up Afthorse. Killian works on creating a maid service and gets employed by Mr. Greenwood at his old dusty, musty, book filled home.

As the month goes by the group decides to go out for a night on the town, they seek to have some fun and find band mates for Killian. The night gets a little rowdy though when they take a trip down the rabbit hole when they go the Whistling Willow. Taking a drink from the bitter flower ale, the group finds themselves on a trip across the cosmos. Then they went to the Hairy Dwarf and drank dwarven style, which left them lost, confused and one member unconscious.

During this time they meet Jack, who helps mark their map with a way back to their business. Then Panic has the bright idea to pay the man in order to find his dolphin. After that the group heads back to the Afthorse in order to recover. The very next day they get their new mission. They need to clear the sewers of the sewer king in order to prevent it from working with the Magic guild and attacking the Guild Trifecta. Gearing themselves up the group asks questions about what to expect in the sewers. They stumble on to a man with a distressed sister who he pulled out of the sewers four years ago, he lets them know of some of the monsters down their and wishes the group luck.

Finally, before heading off Panic is greeted by Jack who informs him that his dolphin is in the hands of a Lord Bristlethorn and is neatly tucked away in his manor. Distressed by this Panic has no time to rescue the beloved wooden figure, because the mission is about to start. Steeling themselves the group goes over preparations one more time.



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