Burning Light

Minds afire

The group manages to make their way through some nasty ghostly foes before learning that they have no where else to wander to in the sewers. After spending some time discussing what is to be done the group finally decides to check the waterways. Doing so finds them a small island covered in bones and trash. Upon examining the island closely they find a hole leading down.

Climbing down, they are face with the king of the sewers a might were-rat. Unprepared the group finds it difficult to kill the creature without silver weapons. As it bites, claws and rips into them the group finds themselves stalwartly facing the assault. Finally, after dealing with the huge monstrosity the group finds the creatures treasure lair and a cave leading further back.

Traversing the tunnel after splitting the loot, the group comes upon a vast room that seems empty. However, the group feels tendrils in the back of their minds and looking up, they see on a pile of rubble a creature that makes their blood run chill. Killian immediately calls the creature an Illithiad or as it is better known as a mindflayer. As it turns out this mindflayer is the cause of the recent attacks and it isn’t happy that the group has killed it’s thralls. Angered, the creature whispers into the mind of the one most susceptible to base influence, that serving it is akin to getting power, and with that Panic turns on the party.

Faced with a loss of a party member and a fight on two different battlefronts the party begins to fracture. As the Panic tries his best to kill some of the members of the group, he finds himself overwhelmed by their numbers. As he is about to go down the mindflayer blasts the entire group with it’s psionic might. Fearing for her life, Mei flees the battle leaving the rest of the group to deal with the mindflayer. As the fight continues, Wulf has his brain devoured by the mindflayer as it continues it’s assault, with the help of the new dwarven cleric, Panic is put back on his feet and is aimed squarely at the mindflayer. As is the case sometimes, brawn beats brains and Panic splattered the mindflayer with a powerful attack.

After a while, Mei returns to discover that Wulf is dead, but once more the dwarf cleric proves his worth and returns his fallen comrade to life. Afterwords the group is very tense about the whole situation but no one has the energy to deal with the ramification of what happened. When they get back to the Baron they crash hard and try to sleep of the stench. Unfortunately for them Ari brought something back in her blood….



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