Burning Light


Panic is forced to wear the cone of shame for his betrayal. Feeling left out and overlooked, Mei decides to leave the group. Wulf has lost some of his memories but doesn’t seem overly concerned yet about them. Gar the dwarven cleric finds himself the local Pelor temple and bunkers down with them. Meanwhile, Ari has contracted lycanthrope and every full moon turns into a murderous were-rat. Things seem ill-fortuned for the group as of late.

A new guest arrives at the Baron’s manor, her name is Sybil and as it turns out she has a rather extensive family curse that she is trying to be rid of. The Baron agrees to hire such a lovely woman such as herself and wastes no time in telling her about the group. Meanwhile back at Afthorse, a strange young woman enters the establishment. She calls herself Lilium and she hands Wulf a letter introducing herself as their new employee. As it turns out she was the girl that was suffering mental trauma, now with the mindflayer dead she has broken whatever hold it had on her. Her brother, has gone back to work to earn up money and reestablish the family’s wealth. He felt that that it was important to leave her in the care of those that could protect her.

As the months go buy, Wulf begins to suspect that Lillium possess powers of the mind. As more and more events unfold, she seems to gain a little more understanding of her abilities. Cybil bored with having nothing to do, asks the Baron to find her a job. He gladly does so getting her hired as a card dealer in a casino. It’s there that she first hears of the “Masks” and tells the rest of the group about it. Though interested the group, doesn’t dig much deeper than that.

As the city continues on as it always does a group of Masked figures watch from the rooftops.

Minds afire

The group manages to make their way through some nasty ghostly foes before learning that they have no where else to wander to in the sewers. After spending some time discussing what is to be done the group finally decides to check the waterways. Doing so finds them a small island covered in bones and trash. Upon examining the island closely they find a hole leading down.

Climbing down, they are face with the king of the sewers a might were-rat. Unprepared the group finds it difficult to kill the creature without silver weapons. As it bites, claws and rips into them the group finds themselves stalwartly facing the assault. Finally, after dealing with the huge monstrosity the group finds the creatures treasure lair and a cave leading further back.

Traversing the tunnel after splitting the loot, the group comes upon a vast room that seems empty. However, the group feels tendrils in the back of their minds and looking up, they see on a pile of rubble a creature that makes their blood run chill. Killian immediately calls the creature an Illithiad or as it is better known as a mindflayer. As it turns out this mindflayer is the cause of the recent attacks and it isn’t happy that the group has killed it’s thralls. Angered, the creature whispers into the mind of the one most susceptible to base influence, that serving it is akin to getting power, and with that Panic turns on the party.

Faced with a loss of a party member and a fight on two different battlefronts the party begins to fracture. As the Panic tries his best to kill some of the members of the group, he finds himself overwhelmed by their numbers. As he is about to go down the mindflayer blasts the entire group with it’s psionic might. Fearing for her life, Mei flees the battle leaving the rest of the group to deal with the mindflayer. As the fight continues, Wulf has his brain devoured by the mindflayer as it continues it’s assault, with the help of the new dwarven cleric, Panic is put back on his feet and is aimed squarely at the mindflayer. As is the case sometimes, brawn beats brains and Panic splattered the mindflayer with a powerful attack.

After a while, Mei returns to discover that Wulf is dead, but once more the dwarf cleric proves his worth and returns his fallen comrade to life. Afterwords the group is very tense about the whole situation but no one has the energy to deal with the ramification of what happened. When they get back to the Baron they crash hard and try to sleep of the stench. Unfortunately for them Ari brought something back in her blood….

Slither, Slither.

Before resting the night, Wulf finds a pair of golden lions, after attuning himself to them he learns that he can summon forth the beasts as servants to him. He decides to name them Virgil and Dante. Later still during the rest, a dwarf comes tumbling through the fey crack. Disgruntled, disoriented and disheveled the dwarf claims that he was some where deep below the earth when he was pushed through by the darkfolk, or as he calls them svirfneblin. Trusting him the group allows him to join them.

After their rest, the group heads further still into the dungeon but are stopped short when they are sprayed with mushroom spores. Most of the party is fine but some are affected by the spores. Not letting a little bit of spores stop them the group decides to cross the biggest pool of water they have seen yet. As they cross, they are attacked by the dreaded otyugh. However, despite the fearsome nature of the beast, Panic and Mei do big damage to it, making it easy to kill.

Finally the group finds a path that leads downstairs and they instantly take the path leading to the carrion crawlers. However, the group spots them and decides to head back the other way with out a fight. As they do they come across three guards standing around. Sneaking up on these people the group mercilessly slaughters them before they get a chance to even know what happened to them. Then they loot them of their gear and strip them down bare.

Next the group runs into two large crocodiles that are hungry. Using the previously killed guards as a decoy the group almost gets past without a fight until Wulf accidentally face plants into the water causing the big creature to lash out violently. In the ensuing fight the crocodile almost gulps down Ari before Panic uses his spear to finish the creature. After bandaging their wound the group presses on.

Next up they meet a hulking figure in the sewer who seems to be under compulsion of some sort. However, the group doesn’t detect and magic on him. The dwarf is able to successfully cast hold person of the individual and the group pounds on the man. Tying him up and removing him as a threat. As they press on to the next room they are beset by a legion of rats, but once more a well placed fire ball ends the threat. At this point the group decides to take a short rest to recover a bit.

Into the Sewers

The group enters into the filthy sewers in order to claim their prize. They learn however that the sewers are built like a maze that turns back in on itself repeatedly. As they make their way in one direction they are accosted by swarms of rats that seem strangely brave and violent in nature. As the group dispatches the menaces they come across a four way intersection, with a strange creature guarding it. Killian immediately recognizes it as a demon and the party decides to run away from the beast instead of risking a fight.

Choosing the other path, the group comes to a door leading down. However, in their haste to check the room they failed to note a rune of protection on the bridge leading to the door and the group gets caught in the explosion. When they finally make their way through the door they are then ambushed by a group of brigands that live in the sewers. After a lively fight the party manages to subdue the thugs and claim their gear and loot as their own.

After that the party finds itself face to face with a pool full of treasure and though Wulf and Ari believe that the good located here are for real they still don’t risk a dip in the water. Heading further into the sewers the group runs into the first set of the darkfolk and fight them in a ring of fire. Though weak in nature these creatures prove to be crafty an menacing, but the party finally puts them down.

After getting a little turned around and some of the group taking a sludge bath, they finally come to the resting place of the darkfolk. This results in a fever pitch battle between the nuisances and their spidery friends against the party. After Killian uses his fireball skills to quell much the darkfolk numbers the group is finally able to win the day. Injured, sore and smelling bad, the group decides to rest.

Old Friends, New Business

For the next month the group spends all it’s time working on independent dealings. Panic and Wulf, get funded for their shop and open up Afthorse. Killian works on creating a maid service and gets employed by Mr. Greenwood at his old dusty, musty, book filled home.

As the month goes by the group decides to go out for a night on the town, they seek to have some fun and find band mates for Killian. The night gets a little rowdy though when they take a trip down the rabbit hole when they go the Whistling Willow. Taking a drink from the bitter flower ale, the group finds themselves on a trip across the cosmos. Then they went to the Hairy Dwarf and drank dwarven style, which left them lost, confused and one member unconscious.

During this time they meet Jack, who helps mark their map with a way back to their business. Then Panic has the bright idea to pay the man in order to find his dolphin. After that the group heads back to the Afthorse in order to recover. The very next day they get their new mission. They need to clear the sewers of the sewer king in order to prevent it from working with the Magic guild and attacking the Guild Trifecta. Gearing themselves up the group asks questions about what to expect in the sewers. They stumble on to a man with a distressed sister who he pulled out of the sewers four years ago, he lets them know of some of the monsters down their and wishes the group luck.

Finally, before heading off Panic is greeted by Jack who informs him that his dolphin is in the hands of a Lord Bristlethorn and is neatly tucked away in his manor. Distressed by this Panic has no time to rescue the beloved wooden figure, because the mission is about to start. Steeling themselves the group goes over preparations one more time.

Mission Complete

Intent on getting his wooden dolphin back, Panic leads the way in a path of carnage and destruction that seriously puts a dent in the forces of the slavers. Even sounding the alarm letting everyone in the entire facility know that they are there doesn’t slow the group down. As they continue, they free slave after slave and kill slaver after slaver. Finally, they meet a man named Aldan who happens to be a mercenary in the Crow’s Nest group. Knowing how the battle is going he asks the group to spare his men in combat if they should meet him and as a thank you, he removes himself from the conflict meaning they will not have to battle this formidable foe.

As the group continues, they face some new challenges, though they are able to push through them with little in the way of resistance. Finally, the group learns where their target is located and make their way to her. When they find themselves in the audience hall of Lady Bristlethorn, they find themselves tasked with a difficult fight. For not only does the lady have her dragonborn guard but she also has a flesh golem, which seems nigh immune to the groups attacks. As the battle continues on though they learn any damage done to the lady is shifted to the flesh golem. Using this knowledge they first dispatch the guard and then pound on the lady until the flesh golem breaks down. Panic asks her once more, what happened to his dolphin and not getting the answer he was looking for finishes Bristlethorn off.

All while this took place, a woman sat watching the proceedings with little to no interest. She introduces herself as Khloe Gravelstoke, when the fighting is done. It seems that she was there to purchase more slaves from her now ex-friend but things have fallen apart. The deadly intent she gives off makes the sore, tired and nearly spent group of heroes give her a wide birth as she leaves them. With her gone the group does what it does the best, and that is loot.

As a reward for a job well done, those in the Baron’s services are given some down time and a gift of a magical elven bow. The other members of the group receive 300 gold as their reward.

Attack the Slavers. The First Mission

Over the next couple of day the group tries to get a handle for what is going on in the city. They try to find some gang members to rough up and they also seek more information about the leaders of the city. At a seedy place called the Dog Pound they run into an information broker called Jack. He gives them some useful information but the group feels ill at ease with the man.

Later that day the group is asked to join together at the Baron’s Estate and have a meal. He sends a missive that he wants the group to deal with the slaver’s and their leader Lady Bristlethorn. As the group goes over the mission details they all pass out from sleep the poison in their meal. When they awake they find themselves in the hold of the slavers. Before they can get to worked up, they are greeted by a messenger that gives them a note from the Baron’s men explaining the situation. Ten minutes later the Reckoning proceeds to carry out the mission.

Panic breaks down the prison door, then the group gets it’s gear that was stashed in the nearby room. Moving quickly, Panic goes on a killing spree as he seeks to recover his lost dolphin (carved). Following his lead the party moves from room to room, rapidly assaulting the slavers and eliminating them with extreme prejudice. Finally, they come to a torture room. After a quick scuffle, they kill the bugbears in the room and play a mean game of halfling darts leaving the torturer dead. They also manage to save a fire genasi named Incaendium. He tells them where to find his stolen gear as well as helps them navigate the rest of the area.

Finally, the group comes across one of the leaders that stand guard over the area and engage him in a brutal fight. The group is able to win the day however, with luck and using their overwhelming strength to crush their enemies. After that, the group takes a small break to recover their strength.

New Adventure Awaits. Arrival In Sarthel

While traveling the newly formed group runs into the wreckage of a former traveling caravan. There they meet the only survivors of an attack by a woman named Wag. These two survivors introduce themselves as Panic Eadwulf Camp and ask if they can join the group to Sarthel. Along the way they decide that it might be useful to form an alliance with the new Reckoning.

Once in Sarthel, they seek to try their hand at getting information about the local crime lords that run the city but start to run into trouble right away. Later that night, the drow Killian makes the mistake of trying to rest in a bar in order to avoid finding a new hotel room after being kicked out. This leads him to be set on by slavers who manage to capture him. In the morning the group finds him missing and seek to search for him.

They find a place called the “Pleasure Palace”, a special brothel that caters in those that find pleasure in pain. Eadwulf seeks to talk to the matron but finds her to be more than a little dangerous, after she sicks some chain demons on him. Barely making it out, Eadwulf is left with scars that won’t heal easily. The group gives up looking for Killian for the rest of the day as the deal with their injured friend. Suddenly, they are given notice that Killian is in the care of Baron Stein, who wishes to talk to the party. When the group reaches the Baron’s estate they find that it is well stocked with servants but the Baron is long dead. Killian was bought from the slaver by the Baron’s men before he could be sold into slavery.

After resting the night at the Baron’s estate they are asked if they would like to enter his service. The contract is for one year and provides that the party keeps everything that they do for the Baron under wraps. Both Mei and Killian refuse to sign the contract but the rest of the group feels like it might be a good idea. In the end three out of five sign and enter into the employ of the Baron.

Scattered to the Winds

Pleasure is nowhere to be found, Sylph has wandered off, and Alexander has apparently gone to the wrong location. Left alone Mei, wonders how she will be able to accomplish her goals. Luckily enough she gets a hold of Civis and use their contacts in order to set things up for her, now with little bit of interviewing she was able to find two candidates to join her on her quest. After that she visits Titania to see Enfys… and the others.

Finally, after packing she heads out to Sarthel but not before running into a man being questioned by the guards. Quick of wit and tongue this man was angering the guards of the town. Seeing the party he pulls them into his problems and the new group has to figure out how to disentangle themselves peacefully with negotiations. Doing so the group travels with the man up to the edge of the city. They learn that this man has big plans for the future and as thanks he gives them fair warning, that things won’t be the same in Vale for long. Though ominous the group doesn’t ponder his words to much before leaving.

The End and The Beginning

With the defeat of Zander, the party collects their reward and rests in Fallcrest. During their stay, they run into the Exo Dusters another group that graduated from Civis three to four years before them. After a little bit of adventuring fun with their with the Exo Dusters, the group decided to plan for the future.

Alexander learned that his answers might lie south past the city of Sarthel, in a place near the desert of Therundy. Mei decides that she needs to become stronger and gather those that are trust worthy to her cause. Pleasure disappers without a trace and Rich just decides to leave. Freed from being watched over by Alexander, Slyph wishes to wander some place that the dead can be free. Potentially, some of the group decides that they will travel sometime to Sarthel, but first they need some down time to increase their skills and recover from the hectic life that they have been leading.


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