The Misadventures of Shark

Month 1:
So as it turns out, I’m a pet now…. I don’t like the thorn collars but it beats being dead. Umbrella boy is annoying but the queen is worse. I haven’t even seen her in the full month but she keeps barking orders through the chain of command.

Month 2:
So it turns out escaping isn’t an easy thing. I strangled a couple of pixies, beat a gnome to death and managed to rip apart a thing called a blight. Still in the end the thorn collar did me in. They won’t let me have weapons anymore….

Month 5:
I wish I was out on the sea on my own ship, instead I’m stuck taking care of this thorn wolf. Winter wolves were better then this thing but even I don’t want to mess with it. I saw it rip some sort of giant in half with a bite.

Month 9:
I’ve been here for almost a year now… I hate being a slave. Then again it’s better then what I’ve seen other people turned into. These dark fey, every last one of them… are going on my list of things to kill.

Month 12:
Finally met the Queen of Thorns, I deeply wished that I hadn’t. There are things out there that make you realize how small you are. I couldn’t begin to fight something like her… however, that isn’t my goal yet…. I need to find a way to escape.

Year 2; Month 2
They put me in with the rest of the slaves. Umbrella boy thinks that they broke me, he doesn’t know me to well. Met a man named Rufus, he is an okay sort but a little daft. He’s trying to explain the new chores I have to do but I keep pawning them off on him.

Year 2; Month 5
Rufus hasn’t caught on yet that I put my work off on to him. I think he is lonely for friends most of the others leave him by himself. I like playing dice with him though. Attempted to get over the nearby wall. Turns out the entire place beyond is thorns….

Year 2; Month 9
Tried to escape again. Killed a couple of little shrub things. Some elves pegged me though with poison thorns. Killed one before being taken again. Rufus cared for me for the next day before I recovered.

Year 2; Month 12
Learned how to make wine today, the queen requested the slaves to make it for some guests that she had. Apparently, it was a high level adventuring group that she doesn’t like. Dicks didn’t try to rescue us though.

Year 3; Month 4
Started to get soft, so I decided to instigate a fight with the some new ogre slaves that where brought in. Got busted up pretty bad, but not as bad as they did. Rufus covered for me and said that they started it.

Year 3; Month 6
Found a secret passage under the wall. Rufus says I should not go down there. I will when the time is right though. I young elven serving girl name Nio brought us some mulled wine today. She is an alright sort, pretty and thin. None dares touch her though.


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